This is the best deal around that allows you piece of mind as you enjoy your day. We guarantee you an exhausted pup when you pick-up for reasonable rates! We offer daycare daily from 7am-7pm. Our daycare program consists of 80% play (inside and outside) and 20% reserved for S&N (snack and nap)! We invite all new campers! Your first day at camp is free with the purchase of a package.

  • Outdoor play: we have 3 fenced in play yards. Dogs are grouped based on size, temperment and energy level.
  • Indoor play: we have 2 playrooms for rainy days. One is a large 650 sq foot space for big dogs that is fully covered with a rubberized agility floor covering.
  • Props:  Toys, chews, ropes and balls are used to entertain the dogs.
  • Snacks: We use Milk Bone brand. If your dog has special snacks, please be sure to bring.
  • Conflicts: We do use time out’s if pets are acting aggressively, over stimulated, or tired. Camp Green Dog reserves the right to make the best decision for your dog while in our care in such situations.
  • Personality Flair: Please let us know about any particular behaviors, fears, or habits your dog may have so we are aware, and can discern between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ for your dog.


  • $18 per day per dog
  • $9.00 per half day (5 hours or less)


  1. 5 DAY   ($82.50)
  2. 10 DAY ($145.00)
  3. 30 DAY ($375.00)

Your first day at camp is free with the purchase of a package. All packages are good for 12 MONTHS You can use them as regularly or sporadically as you need.

 Note: Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.