All animals adopted through us have been spayed/neutered, and are up to date on their shots. Our dogs also receive monthly heartworm prevention. We do our best to match the right person to the right pet, and will take back any pet adopted from us at any time if it is not a fit.



Petfinder is also another resource we think is great. Feel free to browse the available animals in the Ridgeland area on their site:

Petfinder Adoptable Pet Search



Pets are very much worth the cost and effort, just be aware of what true ownership means. Some items are covered in your adoption fee… most are not.

Here are some things to consider: (info gathered from the ASPCA)

  • Spay/Neutering: ranges from $65 – $300
  • Shots, boosters, annual vet visits: $50 – $130
  • Equipment: tags, collar, leash, crates, carriers: $100-500
  • Activity items: scratching post, toys, chews, nips: $30-60
  • Monthly: food, treats, litter: $20-50
  • Licenses: $10-20
  • Medications: preventative & medical: as needed
  • Grooming: $20-40
  • Boarding/Daycare: as needed
  • Training classes: $30-50
  • A good vacuum: $50-150



If you are interested in fostering a pet at Camp Green Dog please download our application and call or email us to set up a meeting.